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Wedding Date and Start Time February 5, 2021 @ 4:00PM

We met at Bastrop High School shortly after Jordan moved to town. He played basketball, I played volleyball so we spent lots of time in the same area of our school. Seeing each other so frequently we became friends. One day before a basketball game, a bunch of us were hanging out in the gym. I asked Jordan if we could take a picture together and he swung his arm around me and pulled me close. Ya'll..... I just about fainted. We snapped the photo, I turn to walk away and my feet didn't get the memo we were moving. I took one step and literally fell over a trash can! As Jordan's older brother says, he "Knocked the cool out my walk", but actually it made Jordan fall for me. Cliché as it sounds we have been head over heels in love ever since.

Just Meant to Be

Jordan and I have so many amazing people in our lives. You know how old folks say "Who are your people?" They want to check you out, see if you come from a good family, make sure you're fit to be around their family. Well our roots run deep! Jordan and I met in 2010, but long before us God connected our families. Not by one person, or two but by many! Over the years as we have met more and more of each others families we found out that so many of our loved ones were connected well before Jordan and I were even born. It just goes to show you, God had this union in the works for more than just our short 10 years together. We love each and every one of you and thank God for all his good works, and for bringing us together. Mark 10:9 Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.

This Union Is For You God

Jordan and I have been blessed to grow up together. From high school, to college, to adulthood, we have been able to walk hand in had through it all. God's timing is everything! 2019 we purchased our first home, 2020 got engaged and 2021 we will become husband and wife! We want to take this time to say thank you. To our parents, our families, and our friends. If you have made it here we want you to know you are a very important puzzle piece in our love story and we THANK YOU for loving us along the way.

Jordan & Gabrielle's Special Day: HTML Embed
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